Featured Cat of the Week (9/22)

Weber is a beautiful Norwegian Forest cat who cared for her own four kittens and two orphaned kittens she lovingly adopted. We found homes for all of her babies, and now she is looking for a home to call her own.

She is about 1 year old and a total sweetheart. Very mellow; loves to be stroked and petted.

She has been spayed, is healthy, and ready to go.

Next Adoption Event -- September 21

Come visit our many adorable cats and kittens available for adoption.

Sunday, September 21
12 - 3 p.m.
Bone Appetite
8517 Germantown Avenue
Chestnut Hill

Foster Homes Needed

We had a great month for adoptions in August, which meant we could rescue even more cats. Now we have an urgent need for foster homes who can temporarily house cats and kittens waiting for forever homes.

Foster homes provide a safe place, food, litter, and love. BCR covers any necessary trips to the vet and takes the cats to adoption events.

Please contact Lynn at lynn_selhat@yahoo.com if you can help.

Below are just some of our cats needing temporary housing.

Mozart was found at the Mann Music Center. He is incredibly friendly and sweet; a complete love-bug. Unfortunately, he is being picked on by several other male cats in his foster home. He could use a break from that while he awaits his forever home.

Shiloh is a young calico who was found outside during the coldest week of winter. She had frostbite in several places, and weighed just 3 lbs. Luckily, she found her way to us and received the necessary care. She is very sweet, but still a bit shy. She could use a patient foster family to show her that people can be good.

Sadie, approximately 3-years-old, is an apparent “dump” from a rough part of town, where she lived outdoors during the brutal winter of 2014. Luckily, we found her and got her the care she needed. A little shy at first, she loves to be rubbed and brushed, and loves playing with toys. She would thrive in a quiet household. 

A Great Month for Adoptions!

Many of our wonderful cats and kittens found their forever homes, which allows us to rescue even more cats in need of homes.

Brothers Panda and Pooda found a home together with a wonderful family.

Tipper and his buddy Riley (not pictured) found a home together with their new dad.

Maggie, who was rescued from the median strip of the highway, found a wonderful home with her buddy Raina.

Raina and Maggie are enjoying life with their new mom.

Grayson found a home with a gentleman who loves his new furry friend.

Featured Cat of the Week (August 11)

Shiloh is a small, female calico (roughly 4-5 months old) who had a rough start in life. She was found outside during the coldest week of winter searching for food and shelter. She had frostbite on one ear and on her paws, and weighed just 3 lbs.

Luckily, she found her way to us and since then she was treated for all of her injuries and was recently spayed. Despite the rough start, she is now healthy.

She is a sweet little cat, but understandably she is leery of people. We think she may have been abused because she is afraid of hands. Once she feels comfortable, though, she starts to purr and knead, and enjoys affection.

This special cat needs a special person who is willing to spend time with her and show her that humans can be good.

Featured Cat of the Week (8/4)

Blue, who looks like a "Russian Blue," is a two-year-old female who was rescued from the rough streets.  She loves affection and is a quiet cat who is happiest when she can be near a person.  She is afraid of other cats and would do best as a solo cat.

Sadly, Blue was recently adopted but her adopter, who described her as the "perfect cat," returned her when she became allergic.  Her adopter said that Blue is the best cat and is a complete love bug.

Spayed, up-to-date on shots, healthy, ready to go!

We Have Kittens!

It's kitten season and we have many adorable kittens who will soon be ready for adoption. Please contact us to visit them in their foster homes.

Adoption Event Brings Big Crowds

Our adoption event at Bone Appetite on 4/5 brought in lots of people and a few potential adopters and foster homes. Thanks, Bone Appetite!

Check out our new logo!

Thank You Salon 90!

Salon 90 kindly opened its doors to several of our furry friends for a mini adoption event this weekend. Thanks so much to Cynthia, Kelly, and the entire staff!

Consider Salon 90 for your next hair cut, hair style, and much more.

Salon 90

90 Bethlehem Pike
Chestnut Hill

The Story of Quinn: A Christmas Miracle

Happy Quinn with Christmas lights.
Quinn was found by one of our volunteers in an abandoned drug house in a rough part of town. She was cold, hungry, and near death. Despite her condition, we had hope and got her to a vet immediately. Slowly, slowly she progressed; her physical and psychological wounds began to heal. And then the miracle happened: one day, a nice couple went to the foster house where Quinn was recuperating. The foster mom expected the couple would be interested in the younger kitties who were running and jumping, but this nice couple saw Quinn sitting alone and there was an instant connection. Quinn's forever family had come for her and finally, after so much hardship, Quinn would get a second chance at life.

Today, Quinn is home with her new family, settling in to a cozy life with lots of love. Her new mom and dad sent us the picture of Quinn surrounded by Christmas lights, looking happy and relaxed. It melts our hearts to know such kindness exists in the world, and gives us fuel to keep going with our rescue work.

Happy Holidays!
Quinn snoozing with her new mom.

Quinn comfy on her pillow.

Quinn recuperating, not long after being rescued.

Our Kitties Are Center of Attention at Adoption Event

Many people stopped by Bone Appetite on Sunday to see our adorable adoptable kitties. We received several applications and are hoping that we found some great homes!

Outside Bone Appetite.

Baby giving Romie a bath.

Three Cats Find Their Forever Homes!

October is turning out to be a great month. Already, we found forever homes for three of our furry friends.

Blyana and her kitten Fiver were adopted together.

And Pumpkin found a wonderful, loving family. Just in time for Halloween!

Yeah!!!!!! We love happy endings.